A robust approach to stock management systems can be key to success online.


It is becoming increasingly important to run 100% accurate systems for stock delivery, order fulfilment and stock counting in order to deliver customers high expectations.

A great stocking system covers many different parts of the stock management process, such as data capture of issues so that issues can be improved for the future.  However, no system is perfect!  At eCompass we can help you transfer to a new stock management solution, assist with making adjustments or add solutions to aid your existing system.

Linnworks Specialist

We are Linnworks Specialists – however we also have a lot of experience running other systems of order management and stock control.  Many of our solutions to stock management operate independently of any specific software.

We have a wide range of experience in setting up and managing Linnworks.  Our team can help you setup Linnworks, integrate to various third party companies or assist in making major development changes.

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