Our bespoke range of profit calculators can breakdown for you where you are generating high levels of profit contribution and where you may be able to make some improvements.

After an initial evaluation we can put together highly detail breakdowns of your individual orders profitability & even the parts of your orders that may be making a lower profit contribution or loss making.

Overview Calculators

We provide overall calculators to provide an understanding of what level of profitability your sales are providing to you.

We can input high levels of complexity into our calculators whereby you simply add yesterday’s orders - and you are presented with your margins, profit contribution figure and cost breakdown for the day.

Individual courier parcel charges projected from your parcel sizes - individual product costs, packaging costs and labour costs (and much more) can automatically be calculated on a daily basis from our initial evaluation and optimisation of your costs.

These calculators can be hugely beneficial to understanding the position of your business and therefore where you can expand your profitability.

Overview calculators have differing ranges of complexity however they can start from as low as £250 to setup.

Amazon Calculators

Amazon Profitability Calculators can breakdown the fixed and variable to costs helping you formulate where you can maximise your profitability going forwards.

There are a whole range of variable and fixed costs associated with each sale that you make on amazon. 

Amazon Product Calculators start at £350 setup with a £10 per month maintenance charge.

Our Amazon Calculators can help you map out the specific profitability you are making on any product within your system.


They can also be reconfigured to help you choose which products you should invest in for the future and which ones you can give a lower priority to.

Ebay Calculators

Ebay Product Calculators start at £350 setup with a £10 per month maintenance charge.

Due to the costing complexity that surrounds eBay selling, our calculators can be particularly beneficial for this platform.


Our eBay calculators can take account of your fixed, variable and stepped variable costs to provide you with clarity on which products you are generating the greatest profits on within your eBay account and which ones you may need to adjust.

Ebay Best Offer Calculators

eBay Best Offers can be a great source of income within eBay selling. However, it can be too easy to miss out on sales by not being competitive enough – or simply throw away margin as buyers try and push your prices down.


Our eBay Open Offers Calculator can give you the lowest prices that you would like to sell products for on an individual product basis – set from rules defined by you.


This means that you still benefit from eBay Open Offers – but that you also maximise each of your products margins



Ebay Best Offer Calculators start at £450 setup with a £10 per month maintenance charge.

Linnworks Order Calculators

Our Linnworks Order Calculators can take any number of factors about your order and combine them with sales values to output an accurate profitability projection of each of your orders.

The order calculator above includes "Location Based Shipping Cost, Individual Product Costs, Portal Costs, Platform Costs, Google Adverts Charges, Direct Variable Cost of Shipping Parcels including labour rates.

Linnworks Order Calculators start at £550 setup with a £20 per month maintenance charge.

Google Cost Calculators

Our drag and drop Google calculators enable you to simply download your sales from a website and your google costs reports from google and paste them into a spreadsheet.

All your data is automatically matched up and your return on marketing costs are immediately calculated and provided to you in a simple and easy to understand display.

Our google advert and shopping calculators are highly customisable so you can decide which information your would like to compare and focus on.

Google Advert & Shopping Calculators start at £150 setup with a £10 per month maintenance charge.

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