Google Shopping is a handy addition to advertising your products on the internet.  When you are marketing a singular product instead of a range of goods Google Shopping can connect you quickly with your audience.

By connecting to Google Shopping a retailer can easily match up their listings to gain quick traction and visibility within a marketplace.

At first glance it might appear that Google Shopping may cause a race to the lowest prices for retailers.  However, there is a huge range of strategies that can be used to ensure that a company’s listings are ranked above other sellers.



This means that Google Shopping can be a great alternative (or addition) to selling on Amazon, eBay or via your normal website channel.



At eCompass we have a huge range of services that can aid the setup and management of your Google Shopping platform.  From the setup of your websites integration to ensure stock accuracy to the price management or visibility of your account – we are here to help.

Our monthly service plans start from as low as £50 per month for key suggestions and clear up.

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