As the dominant search engine on both mobiles and desktops, ensuring visibility within Google remains important to ensure your shop or brand is gaining access to its correct audience.


Optimisation within Google is about ensuring your website is naturally being ranked correctly for its relevance within Google systems and therefore your audience.  As a result, other forms of advertising can be more costly or less effective as a result of poor Google optimisation.

Success with social media, Google adverting, remarketing, shopping and optimisation is an open cycle system.  Improvements made in one arena improve the performances in others.  Traffic and Page relevance filtered into one platform can help your overall optimisation and visa-versa.


At eCompass we can help improve your rankings within Google, look into roadblocks that you might be experiencing or troubleshoot general issues within your progress to optimise.

We work with your base website structure, individual web pages, images, page titles, meta tags and much more to ensure that you achieve the optimum ranking within Google.  At the same time, we ensure that work carried out is effective and sustainable (which is why in most cases we no longer suggest blog writing for website optimisation - most business owners struggle to consistently produce relevant and high value content into the longer term.)

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