There are many options that help retailers sell individual products and connect them directly to consumers.  However, Google Adverts remains the best service at advertising a company’s brand and values directly to the public.

Because the consumer is being directed to a range or overview page of a brand, Google Adverts is far more appealing for the browser than the more direct links that Amazon, eBay or Google Shopping take.

This means that advertising in Google Adverts enables accounts to retain and build upon their companies’ recognition.  In the case of retailers, it often also leads to higher units per basket and wider margins as the consumer tends to have a higher preference for the product and brand than primarily pricing.

At eCompass we can provide all manner of services for your Google Adverts account. From initial setup, to trouble shooting issues that you might be experiencing.  We also offer monthly service plans that look to constantly optimise your Google Adverts accounts to strip out unwanted cost and build upon your position and progress.


Our monthly servicing of accounts starts at only £50 per month for Google Adverts!

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