With over 10 years’ experience with complex excel manipulations, we can help you with all of your excel needs.

Our services include building databases, mail merging your data sources, manipulating your spreadsheets for complex data analysis and resolving issues within your existing spreadsheets.

Mail Merge Setup

Mail Merging can significantly reduce the time it takes you to do frequent and repetitive tasks.  We can setup a template sheet that interacts with multiple databases of information in real time.

While some may think that Mail Merging information is only helpful with hundreds of contacts - we have seen that with even small collections of emails and documents that need communications, major time savings can be achieved.

Please click here for our in-depth "Mail Merge" Page.

Issue Resolution

With the complexities of multiple databases and large numbers of worksheets - you may sometimes have issues with inconsistency in your formula or end values. 

We can investigate issues within your spreadsheets and data.  Either eradicating the issue at its source or find workarounds for the future.


Large data volumes and complex formula across multiple spreadsheets can cause significant performance issues when using excel.

By going through your formulas and databases we are able to streamline your data searches within Excel to improve the time it takes for your end values to be formulated.

Database Interactions

We are used to dealing with large data sets and multiple data sources interacting into one query set.


If you have a "Query" and are looking for results from "Data 1", "Data 2", "Data 3" however "Data 2" and "Data 3" have queries that originate from a "SubDataSource".

New Setups

If you have an idea that relates to database setups or query searches - but you are unsure as to where to start or you would like your idea formulated into a workable solution - we can put together action plans or even setup your system.

Something else?

At eCompass we are highly adaptable to your specific needs.  If you are looking for a solution that is not covered above, please do contact us!

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