Understanding your data is important because it shows you where your business is succeeding and more importantly where improvements can be made.

Greater understanding and analysis of all aspects of your business can enable you to maximise your profits, cut losses and avoid issues as well as lead to opportunities for the future.

Your business may struggle with collecting data, within your selling platform, relating to your competition or on the marketplace in general. We can help extract large volumes of data, collate and narrow it to its most relevant and useful form.

After collecting your data, we can also assess it and assist in interpreting it for your business to help you reach the understanding and conclusions needed to progress your business.

e.g. By pulling your sales data from multiple marketplaces and inputting your costs - we might conclude that all parcels shipped to Northern Ireland between 4kg to 8kg are loss making.

This assessment can enable you to take steps to improve overall profitability. (For example, using specialist couriers for Northern Ireland, splitting your parcel sizes or charging customers higher postage rates.)

Our data analysis can be undertaken for large one off projects, on a regular basis or even daily, if required.

Data Analysis work is priced depending upon the size and scope of the likely work, which would be assessed in a free evaluation. However our data analysis normally start at £150 for small, less complex action plans.

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