With the rise of Amazon, Google Shopping and Ebay - configuration of your barcodes is becoming increasingly important.


Many manufacturers provide more than "one" barcode for their products. For example we can see that the following "Three" barcodes all relate to "One" specific product.

Barcode 1 - for individual product


Barcode 2 - for an outer pack of products

Barcode 3 - for a set of 6 products

However, your point of sale system probably does not account for you wanting to sell "one" product with many different identifying codes.


We can resolve this by amalgamating your data into one system.

When you list a product, pick a product or pack a product - it does not matter which barcode you use! "Any" of the barcodes will mean that our system will understand the product and quantity that you are looking to upload.

At eCompass we can take the confusion and complexity out of many re-occurring issues! (this solution typically costs £350 for initial setup plus £25/month to cover all service charges)

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